Meeting lovely and adventurous family on 27th April, 2014

After doing a lot of tours in the last 2 years, we accidentally forget some of amazing moments we had from the tours. To remind us and to share some of our thoughts and feelings we start writing those down.

Few months ago, I was a tour guide of a lovely family from Australian. They were Scott, Karla and their 3 year old son Marshall. It was completely astonishing to know that the family had been doing their travel from Australia to Vietnam and would go to England without air way. It must be one of the life time experience, therefore without a doubt they also wrote about their experience here.


We were doing the walking tour to visit famous landmarks in the city. Scott and Karla were interested in the history behind the Independent Palace. Marshall, not really, until he found the playing garden on the back of the building. We continued our tour through Notre Dame Cathedral, Central Post Office, Saigon Opera House and ended at dinner together. In addition, Marshall and I became friend because our similar outfits. 🙂


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